diode laser permanent hair removal machine
Diode laser for hair removal

Portable 808 nm diode laser permanent hair removal machine

Item No.: MB-808P
808 nm diode laser
1. Definitive painless hair removal.
2. Hair removal for all skin types.
3. Hair removal for any area of the body.
Description Parameter

Diode laser hair removal technology is based on the selective dynamic of light and heat. The laser goes through the skin surface to reach the root of hair follicle; light can be absorbed and converted into heat damaged hair follicle tissue, so that hair loss regeneration without injury surrounding tissues. It is less pain, easy operation and the safest technology for permanent hair removal now.

1. Definitive painless hair removal.
2. Hair removal for all skin types.
3. Hair removal for any area of ​​the body, such as the hairline, hair around the lip area, beard, armpit hair, hair on the arms, legs, chest and bikini area.

True Sapphire Crystal head, much more advanced than traditional bars. 

1. With the true sapphire crystal on the head, which can be used forever without replacement.
2. Powerful semiconductor cooling, air cooling and water cooling can ensure more time in working conditions. The water cycle and water temperature check system ensure super long life and safety of the machine.
3. Short processing time and fast recovery have little effect on patients' daily life.
4. The possibility of winning more deeply into the skin by applying the chill tip, hand piece which emits light, consisting of a sapphire tip chilled to -3 C°by an internal circuit of water that keeps the hand piece cold .

Before and after

Laser type Diode laser
Wavelength 808nm
Operation interface 10.4 ”color touch screen
Repetition 1-10Hz
Spot size 15 × 15mm²
Frequency 10-120J / cm²
Cooling system Water + air + semiconductor (sapphire cooling tip)
Pulse width 10 ~ 400ms
Voltage 110V / 220V, 50HZ / 60HZ
Weight 28 kg


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