diode laser hair removal machine
Diode laser for hair removal

Diode laser hair removal machine

Item No.: MB-88
4 wavelengths (755+808+940+1064)
Diode laser hair removal machine
Description Parameter

1. 4 wavelengths (755+808+940+1064)

Laser: The world's top vertical stack laser
Long service life: the sustainable light 30,000,000 shots;

2. Efficient and stable cooling system
Laser cooling system with constant temperature cooling, to ensure that the entire system 7 * 24 hours of continuous work.
Air-cooled + water-cooled way commonly used on the market can only work continuously for 2 hours.

3. Use of contact sapphire cooling system, efficient cooling conduction efficiency, make comfortable treatment

4. Intelligent water temperature control system: Avoid water temperature is too high, damage the handle.

5. The unique shape design and color match make the product more beautiful and fashionable.

Hair removal: armpit hair, beard, lip hair, hair line, bikini line, limb hair.
Skin rejuvenation: Reducing pores, whitening skin

Laser Type Alma Soprano Titanium laser
The handle 600W/800W/1200W/1600W
Display 15.6 inch True Color LCD Touch Screen
Wavelength 940 nm+755 nm+808 nm+1064 nm
Shots 30,000,000-50,000,000 disparos
Pulse Duration 10-400ms
Frequency 1-10HZ
Language English or Spanish (can be customized)
Cooling Condenser Cooling+ Handle Bipolar Cooling(-10℃~0℃)+Air coling+Closed water circulation cooling
Spot size 2 cm2/4 cm2
Voltage 110V/220V, 50HZ/60HZ
Gross Weight 70kg
Package size 60cm*61cm*136cm, Air box


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