CO2 fractional laser vaginal rejuvenation machine
CO2 Fractional Laser

Vaginal CO2 Fractional Laser

Item No.: MB-37V
Three types of treatments:
Fractional model for scar, wrinkles, acne scars, stretch marks, skin rejuvenation, et
Normal model of medical surgery
Vaginal Head.
Description Parameter
1. Remove acne, acne scar, scar and so on;
2. Dispel wrinkle around the eyes, crow's-feet, and wrinkle formed by lack of water;
3. Effectively reduce the wrinkle on the face, forehead, the joints and striae gravidarum;
4. Dispel freckle, nevus zygomaticus and other spots formed by hyperchromic pathological changes;
5. Tighten skin and lift face;
6. Remove striae gravidarum and other deep scars
7. Vaginal rejuvenation, vulva rejuvenation

1. USA-imported RF metal tube laser generator, high quality excellent performance;     

2. 10'' color touch screen display, Fractional, Normal and VRL three modes

3. Fractional mood For scar, wrinkle, acne scar, stretch mark, skin resurfacing etc.

Press 1-5 and save button for saving the current shape in storage space. And press 1-5 when using this shape.
7 different output patterns, diagonal length from 0.1mm to 20mm adjustable
4. Normal mood for medical surgery, Normal tip for surgery cutting

5. VRL system for vaginal rejuvenation

6.  Vertical& smart design, easy for move and daily maintenance;
7.  Smaller focal spot, stronger penetration and powerful output energy;
8.  Strong aluminium case to protect your machine safety during the delivery.
Normal mode  
Wavelength 10.6μm, far infrared laser
Pulsed radio frequency 0.530 W
Pulse energy 0-600mj 0-300mj
Pulse 1. The average power: 0.5-30W
Fractional mode 2. Pulse frequency: 33.3 Hz
Scan Graphics  
Number of points 5, Square, rectangle, round or custom graphics
Work status 400 points in most
Browse mode Hyper mode - pulsed
Pulse energy Scan sequence or random scan
Technical specifications 10 to 100mj is optional for each point
Laser apparatus  
Condenser focus Sealed direct current stimulated laser device
Jet size f = 100mm
Spot size 0.1mm to 20mm can be adjusted randomly
Maximum power intensity 0.1-2.6mm, each 0.1mm
Radiation time 75,000 W / cm²
Interval time 0.01 1 sec
Pulse interval 0.01 1 sec
Beam transport device 1ms-5000ms, each step 1ms
Dimension Treatment arm with six segments and counter weight
Net weight 59kg


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