IPL hair removal machine
IPL OPT SHR for hair removal

Portable IPL OPT SHR hair removal machine

Item No.: MB-35B
530nm 480nm 640nm
Description Parameter
IPL hair removal principle
The principle of OPT photon hair removal is to use strong pulsed light with a wide spectrum of 610-1000nm. The adjustable pulse width range is wide, so it can perform permanent hair removal on skin and hair of various parts of the human body in different colors and different depths.

1, IPL sliding fast hair removal
2, Skin rejuvenation, wrinkle removal, and pigment removal
3, Improve skin texture, make skin smooth, delicate, and enhance skin elasticity
4, Improve the dull complexion, make the skin fair and even in color
5, Treatment of pigmented scars (freckles, sun spots) 6.Treatment of Acne Pigments from Acne
6, Treatment of vascular lesions

1, Painless: continuous light, painless hair removal
2, Fast: large area light spot, sliding operation
3, Non-invasive: no trauma to skin tissue
4, Safety: can effectively avoid the side effects of strong light, while greatly reducing the difficulty of operation
5, Efficacy: It is applicable to a wider range of customers, the immediate effect is more obvious, and the long-term effect is longer.
Optical spectrum 530nm 480nm 640nm
wavelength Frequency 1-5 P / S
Energy density 1 ~ 36J / cm2 
Number of pulses 1-10 HZ
Crystal area 15mm * 50mm
Power supply 220V + 10% or 110V + 10%
Output power 2000W
Continuous working time 2-3 hours
Light transmission method Direct-coupling forced cooling sapphire crystal light guide system
Cooling system semiconductor refrigeration + air cooling + water cooling
Crystal temperature –8 ℃ ~ 1 ℃
Connection method Quick plug connector
Water inlet can be closed
Operation interface 8-inch touch color screen
Control method Chinese, English, Spanish, Korean


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