Nd yag Q-switch laser for tattoo removal
Nd yag Q-switch laser/Pico laser

Popular Nd yag Q-switch laser tattoo removal machine

Item No.: MB-21
3 heads, 1064nm, 532nm, Hollywood Peeling.
Remove blue, red, coffee, coffee and all kinds of tattoos.
Hollywood Peeling is for facial rejuvenation.
Description Parameter
Remove blue, red, coffee, coffee and all kinds of tattoos;
Remove pigmentation, dermis point, Fleck, black nevus, age pigment, birthmarks and Ota nevus;
Remove all kinds of eyebrow embroider, lip embroider, soak lips, eye embroidery line and lip line.
Hollywood Peeling is for facial rejuvenation.

1, 5 applications of a different treatment, can store the technical data of each application, which facilitates its operation;

2. Super large LCD, microprocessor controlled, which is sensitive and displays luxury.
3. The plug head is metal, stainless steel, very durable.

4. Its shell uses the new type of ABS material, it has the high strength and performance to protect the machine.
5. The special temperature control system ensures that the tattoo removal machine works long time.
6. 4-8 inches color touch screen (can add your logo)

7. Our lamps have 1,000,000-1,200,000 shots.
8. The lastest handle:

A. It is ergonomic. It is more convenient and comfortable. When you pick the mango.
B. Specially designed in the non-slip region, which prevent accidental fall in operation.
C. It has the electronic counter on the handle, easy to find the lamp using times.
D. High power handpiece, strong and real power output, immediate and outstanding effect.

Type of Laser Q-switch Nd :YAG Laser
Wavelength 1064nm and 532nm, 1320nm
Pulse Duration 3.5ns
Pulse Energy 1000mj
Facular Diameter 1~6mm
Pulse Frequency Hz
Cooling system Air+Water+Temperature control cooling
Power 500W(Updated is allowed)
Net Weight 13KG
Packing size 52cm×30cm×38cm


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