HIFU for facial and vaginal
RF/HIFU for Skin rejuvenation

HIFU 2 in 1 for facial and vaginal

Item No.: MB-59
1. Remove wrinkle.
2. Overall face lifting.
3. Improve sexual life.
4. Reduce gynecologic disease.
5. Tightening and shaping.
6. Non-invasive ultrasound energy treatment.
Description Parameter
HIFU Machine:
Just as its name implies, HIFU adopts high intensity focused ultrasound principle, enabling energy to focus on the collagen layer and fascia layer (SMAS) at 3mm and 4.5mm of subcutaneous tissue respectively. When the temperature rises to 65℃, protein coagulation reaction occurs on the focused SMAS and tensile force produces centering on the freezing point thereby. As a result, collagen recombination is realized and the newly generated one can tighten and lift skin from the inside.

3 cartuchos estándar, 2 mas opcional

Vagina HIFU Machine:
Same as HIFU, the principle adopted by HIFU FOR VAGINA is also high intensity focused ultrasound. What’s different is the area these two handles target at. The energy produced by ultrasonic waves penetrates in lamina propria and muscle fiber layer at a predetermined depth, which contributes to the formation of a high intensified region, called focus region. Within 0.1s, the temperature there can reach as high as 65℃, changing inside molecule structure and enabling collagen to reorganize with outside normal tissues. In this way, the muscle layer in a targeted area can gain the ideal effect.

4.5mm and 3.0mm cartridges

Advantages of HIFU + HIFU Vagina Machine:
•    10,000 shots exist for each handpiece for long service life.
•    Energy of ultrasonic wave can be focused precisely on the target point, which accelerates the ultimate effect to a large extent.
•    Reasonable and humanized design for the handle and operating system, Easy to Operate.
•    The HIFU FOR VAGINA is equipped with the handle that can complete a 360° rotation, which leads to an all-dimensional treatment.
•    No extra cost and consumables because the accessories delivered together with host machine almost contain all necessary things, 
•    No pain, side effect or down-time compared with traditional surgery.  

Application Of HIFU + HIFU For Vagina Machine:
•    Remove wrinkle: Eliminate nasolabial folds, crow’s feet, frontal line, cervical strip, mouth line, etc.
•    Overall face lifting: Tighten pouch, double chin, loose cheek, etc.
•    Tightening and shaping: Removal excess facial fat, smooth lines, lift loose parts, etc.
•    Body slimming, fat reduction
•    Improving sexual life and reducing gynecologic disease. 
•    Ease vaginal dryness.
•    Treat urinary incontinence.

Model HIFU 2 in 1
Models Vaginal y Facial
Power 200W
Voltage 100-240V 50Hz/60Hz
Energy 2.0J max
Vaginal cartridges 3.0mm,4.5mm
Cartridges for facial 1.5mm,3.0mm,4.5mm, (8mm y 13mm opcional)
Shots uno en 10,000 disparos, total 50,000 disparos
G.W 25kg
Package 65x40x70cm


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