HydraFacial Facial cleaning equipment

Facial cleaning equipment

Face Lift, Skin Tightening, Skin Rejuvenation, Pore Cleaner
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Product description.

Smart Ice Blue Plus uses a 24 million pixel high-definition macro camera combined with three -spectral imaging technology to collect detailed images of facial skin, intelligently diagnoses and analyzes the core engine of artificial intelligence, detects skin problems in 8 dimensions, and customizes beauty care programs based on the diagnosis results. And intelligently recommend professional skin care products; six high-configuration beauty functions, combined with "shovel", "ion bubble pen", "ion airbrush pen", "ultrasonic", "golden radio frequency", "ice head" and other technologies, Comprehensive management of the skin, combined with the Al skin test diagnosis results, targeted matching with skin care products and other skin care items, to develop a multifunctional skin test and care integrated instrument.


1) Multifunctional integration: skin detection, data analysis, product push; basic beauty care, epidermal cutin cleansing, deep cleansing, hydrating and locking water; product introduction, skin oxygen injection, anti-aging firming, ice-sealed calming repair and other functions One. 2)High comfort: The handle design conforms to the principle of ergonomics, the material has a strong skin-friendly feel, and the body feels comfortable. 3)Functional principle: The core principle of the instrument is 3 spectrum sampling, Al smart skin measurement, Al smart product push, Al beauty program customization; six major care functions: "ultrasonic, "shovel", "ion bubble pen", "ion spray gun pen"", "Golden Radio Frequency", "Ice Head". 4)Simple operation: Al intelligent analysis, convenient operation, easy to use, no surgery, no broken skin, and strong safety.

Screen and accessory.

1. High-frequency skin scrubber:
Through the action of ultrasonic and high-frequency vibration, it can remove the excess oil on theskin surface, aging cutin and dirt.
2. Ultrasonic head:
The macromolecule nutrients are converted into small molecules by the action of ultrasound, making the skineasier to absorb.
3. Cold hammer:
Reduces pores, firmes and shapes skin.
4. Ion spray pen:
replenishes skin with moisture and nutrients.
5. Golden rf:
Promotes the production of collagen and collagen fibers, plays a role in rejuvenating and reducing pores, and improving fine wrinkles.
6. Hydra aqua peeling:
cleans the skin surface and excess pores in the pores, aging cutin and dirt.
7.Camera detection pen:
detects skin problems.

Vacuum range 800mmHg
Output control Touch screen &handle switch
Golden RF 10 levels of energy adjustment
Electrophoresis 1MHZ(10 levels of energy adjustment)
Ultrasound 1MHZ(10 levels of energy adjustment)
ce-sealed refrigeration head Water cooling &air cooling (10 levels of energy adjustment
High frequency shovel knife 25KHZ(10 levels of energy adjustment)
Ion Airbrush Pen 2000mmHg
Interface 10.1 inch touch screen
Input voltage 100-240V 50-60HZ 150AV


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